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What do we provide throughout the day?


We provide breakfast, a range of exciting snack options throughout the morning and afternoon, baking and cooking activities, Forest School snacks on the fire, and drinks throughout the day.

  • Children are offered a self-serving breakfast which they can leisurely help themselves to. We offer cereals, Weetabix, porridge, fresh exotic fruits, the children can make smoothies, make whole meal toast or have a yoghurt which the staff adult support.

  • The children then help to make their own snack throughout the morning and afternoon. The children are asked what they would like to make, and we aim to ensure that snack is a learning process, where the children are gaining lifelong skills every step of the way. The children prepare whole meal wraps, make their own fresh vegetable soups, cheeses, hams, crackers, fruit loaf etc. It changes each day based on what the children want to eat. We support every allergy and dietary need and ensure that nothing is a problem, ensuring that we remain inclusive and contribute well to your child’s diet.

  • The children are offered MILK/WATER/SOYA/OAT ALTERNATIVES.

  • We do not provide ‘juice’ in the nursery and refrain children from bringing any juice bottles into the nursery on arrival, all in good aims to support the children’s early oral health and teeth development.




You can bring a healthy cold packed lunch

We will then refrigerate your child’s lunch to keep it fresh and chilled for 12 o clock.

Pay for a two course meal.

We work in partnership with an independent nursery catering company called BELISSIMO’s. They offer a varied seasonal menu that changes each week which the children can choose from. It is £3.10 to have a balanced two course lunch, which you can just order on the morning by informing a member of staff.


Please NOTE:


IF your child is attending for FUNDED EARLY LEARNING ONLY, there is a small daily supplement fee to pay of £2.00 which you are invoiced for. This fee is to help the nursery in being able to offer the Forest School package, cooking activities, and snack options each day to your child.

Healthy eating, Healthy mind, healthy education

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