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Some frequently asked questions:



What happens if my child has an accident or becomes ill whilst at ‘the nursery’?


If your child has an accident whilst at nursery, practitioners are fully trained in paediatric first aid and are able to administer basic first aid along with plenty of cuddles. Practitioners also record the incident on an accident form and you are informed of the accident and asked to sign the form when you collect your child. If the accident involves a bump to the head practitioners will inform you straight away by telephone. On

registration you will be asked to supply emergency contact numbers and in the unlikely event that we need to administer emergency medical treatment emergency contacts would be immediately notified.

If your child becomes ill during the day practitioners will provide plenty of cuddles and reassurance and a practitioner (usually your key person) will also contact you by telephone. If it is felt that your child is too unwell to be at nursery or may be suffering from a contagious illness, practitioners will ask you to collect your child from nursery so that they can recover at home.


Can I bring medicine to nursery for my child?


You can bring prescribed medication into nursery if there is a medical reason to do so. You will need to inform practitioners, who will then ask you to fill in a form which gives us permission to administer the medicine. You will also be asked the time of the last dose given. When giving medicine to children we always have two practitioners present, one to administer the medicine and one as a witness. When you collect your child you will be asked to sign to acknowledge that practitioners have given your child the medicine. We do not administer Calpol.


What do I need to provide for my child while they are at nursery?


You need to provide your child with their own nappies, baby wipes and creams (where required), which are stored in your child’s own individual nappy box. Practitioners will inform you when your child’s nappies, wipes or creams need re stocking. We also ask parents/ carers to provide appropriate clothing for outdoors to suit the differing weather conditions. Therefore your child will need a coat, hat, gloves, scarf and wellingtons in Winter and a sun hat and sun cream in warmer weather. It is also nice if parents/ carers provide us with a spare change of clothes in case your child needs changing during their session. You will also need to provide your child with their own cold healthy packed lunch for dinner, which we will refrigerate.


Policies and Procedures


At Loxley Nursery we have a range of policies and procedures in place which support our development of the highest quality childcare. Parents/ carers are welcome to look at these when ever they wish as they are available within the entrance of nursery. These include Behaviour Management, Safeguarding and Child Protection, Health

and Safety, Food and Drink, Safe Sun Screening, Sleep, Care, Learning and Play, Outdoor Play, Equality and Diversity policy and many more. Please don’t hesitate to ask a practitioner if you have any questions regarding our policies and procedures.


Our Families thoughts


“Its appreciated how much care is taken over my child’s welfare, I feel confident that when he’s left, he will feel

happy and well cared for”


“Staff listen to concerns and make sure that the wishes of parents are carried out.”

“It’s a lovely, cosy, safe environment.”


“Staff are very friendly and welcoming, willing to answer any queries or worries.”

“Staff are very flexible and caring, puts parents at ease when leaving a child who is upset or anxious, we’re very happy with the service.”


“Loxley Nursery has excellent facilities and the activities are educational as well as fun.”


“Thank you!”

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